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KGM AFRICA (KGMA) is located in Kigali, Rwanda. It is a sister company to both KGM Engineering and KGM Europe. Offering all the same structural engineering services as the main company KGM Engineering.

All of registered KGM's have a special concentration based on their geographical locations

  • KGM Engineering: Canadian Concentration but not limited to Bridge Engineering
  • KGM Europe: Europe Concentration but not limited to Tower Engineering
  • KGM Africa: African Concentration but not limited to Geostructural Engineering

KGMA's main concentration in Africa is specific to providing geostructural engineering support to the ever-growing renewable energy industry. Providing the structural expertise and drafting services for all types of design and construction projects. The company does not only bring a structural engineering expertise, but also the same 20 years of construction engineering experience. Understanding the field of construction with engineering is what links the innovative side of design with the most cost-effective solution.

KGMA is investing in research and development specific to slope stability solutions. In an area with so much loss due to intense rain season and slope failure. We understand the implication and requirement for long lasting solutions. It’s about more than just engineering.

KGMA takes pride in funding social initiatives and becoming involved in its local communities. It about joining the global effort with contributionto sustainable development projects within the regions of Eastern Africa and worldwide. We believe in sharing, creating local engineering teams,training and teaching our expertise.

"Knowledge is strength and standing strong is what makes for a stronger today".


We are proud to introduce our KGM Africa drafting team. Our team has been working hard with providing clients with quality drawings. They have also been trainingand further developingtheir skills. In time, we know they will be a great drafting support system for all of KGMs Companies outside Africa. Keep up the good work we are that much better because of all your dedication, patience and understanding.


  • To provide clients across Africa with quality, innovative and efficient structural engineering services for all Construction Industries.
  • To work safely, maintain the highest quality of workmanship, and continuously improve and develop our people to serve and adhere to our core values.
  • To give back and support community development and sustainability.


Trust, Professionalism, Innovation, Excellence, Respect and Integrity

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